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Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ. – Philippians 2: 5.
In Jesus Christ was an attitude while he lived with us on earth, and this was indeed not just an ordinary attitude. Rather, it was an attitude worthy of emulation which his disciples exhibited while propagating the gospel, and which made the people of Antioch refer to them as “Christians” the very first time they were called by the name (depicting that their attitude or character is Christ-like in nature). If as we go through life, we have an attitude as that of Christ, just think how much easier life would be. When we are faced with temptations, if we have the mind of Christ, we will handle all situations as our Lord Jesus Christ would. All of our conduct will be affected. We need to be humble as Christ was. We are to have the same character, thus identifying us. Jesus: he was humble, loving, laborious, and patient. When he was twelve and in the temple, he said he needed to do the will of his Father. That should be our wish, to do His will.

Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ: Who being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. Philippians 2:5-7 (KJV). God sent his Son, Christ Jesus, who was the foremost example God was able to provide. The Lord Jesus Christ should be our model, we should fashion our lives in harmony with His wonderful example. Jesus took upon himself to be the most humble, lowliest man. He performed the lowliest of offices, thereby benefiting us. The attitude or views that Christ made apparent is the meaning of the mind of Christ. This is what we are told in Philippians 2 :5(NKJV). This has been seen – outlook determines outcome. Many people today think that they can’t manage their moods or attitudes. Christians are not slaves to their attitudes. We must have a particular attitude as did Jesus. A resemblance to his life is what we must bear if we are to have the benefit of his death. Without the Spirit of Christ, we are none of His.

How is our association with God influenced by our negative attitudes? Often we become too engrossed with other things to utilize our time to the work of the Lord. If we became too dismal and then in turn have a negative attitude, Satan would be ecstatic because of this, but it would cause destruction to the work of God. One having a negative attitude would not be prone to work for the Lord. Do you know of anyone who would want someone with an unhappy attitude trying to teach others about God? I don’t think anyone would, that I’m sure of. The sight of an unhappy person wanting to teach others about the Lord is a picture that would not be welcomed anywhere.

What are the benefits of a positive attitude? By having a positive attitude, we willingly will do God’s work. Are you countering a seemingly hopeless dilemma at work, at home, or at school, by performing each small task and doing your best?
We have many Biblical examples describing to us how a person’s positive attitude helped them. Two of such stories we examine here: Joseph suffered years of mistreatment, but continued to maintain a positive attitude. The Lord turned Joseph’s situation around. He will see your endeavors and can reverse even overpowering odds.
Positive attitudes can impact others. The children of Israel were belligerent and hopeless, but Moses assured them that God would rescue them. Moses had a positive attitude! When it seemed as if they were trapped, Moses called upon God to intercede. Instead of giving in to despair, we should borrow Moses’ attitude to “stand firm” and see the deliverance that the Lord will achieve.

A circumstance occurs in which our life is altered. This could be a catastrophe within our family or friends or a loss of a job or the loss of good health. Our perspective at any event that we encounter either helps us or hinders us. If an unpleasant incident occurs, we need to stop and consider our blessings. Positive attitudes will help overcome adversity. Everything that you do is affected by the attitude that you possess. When someone has a negative attitude, it could turn him or her away from God and even people would most likely avoid such a person. All that you do and say is being observed by others. The observation is being done when you are unaware. Someone is always watching you. Negative attitudes lead to wrong choices. So many times our attitudes and conduct are formed by the values and actions of others. Have you ever made an incorrect choice because you desired to be like everyone else? We need to be cautious that the standards of our friends or heroes don’t pull us away from what God has said in His Word.

To be meek is to have a disposition to see the roses among the thorns, rather than to complain about the thorns among the roses. Which do you see? Ponder on this and apply the teachings therein. Remain blessed.


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