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All parts used in repairs are genuine parts used in the manufacturing of construction equipment supplied by Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. Using quality parts leads to more reliable operation and greater safety. The equipment is also guaranteed a longer lifespan through quality checks and tests to ensure that all requirements are met.

Using genuine Hyundai parts ensures compatibility and high quality. Parts produced by Hyundai Heavy Industries come with 100% guarantee and will qualify you for After Sales Service.

We hope you can sense the pride and commitment we feel here at Mikano International Limited, as we have become such a significant part in many of our customers businesses. We look forward to our promising future and continuing to grow with the success of our customers.


All types of Rock Breakers, Crushers, Shears, Multi Processors and Grapples are readily available in stock.


1    Hyundai Genuine Parts are designed and engineered specifically for your Hyundai product to perform at its peak.

2    All Hyundai Genuine Parts are tested under extreme conditions to meet the demanding Australian Design Rules.

3    Hyundai Genuine Parts are backed by comprehensive 12 month warranty.

4    Hyundai Genuine Parts are your surest way of avoiding unplanned downtime and achieving peak operational reliability.

5    Hyundai Genuine Parts are guaranteed to be the latest technology for your product.

6    When purchasing Hyundai Genuine Parts, we guarantee they are identical to the parts used in the original manufacture of the product supplied.

7    Hyundai Genuine Parts are  investment to maintaining the overall value of your Hyundai product.

8    Non-genuine parts fitted to your product may cause unnecessary wear & tear to other components, resulting in further problems.

9    Hyundai Genuine Parts continue to maintain the highest safety levels of your Hyundai product.

10   Hyundai Genuine Parts are distributed via a National Dealer Network ensuring maximum uptime.

Hyundai excavator and wheel loader parts

Maximizing up time and minimizing downtime is our primary focus at Hyundai Construction Equipment. Parts availability, coverage and expedience of delivery to site are vital in ensuring your machine is down for the shortest time possible. Unlike other construction equipment companies, Hyundai holds a complete range of insurance and back up stock for all models, regardless of the number deployed in the field. Our parts fulfillment rate is undisputable within the industry and it is our commitment to support you.

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