DG SON Visit to Mikano.

In order to put round peg in a round hole and to achieve its mandate of protecting Nigerians from harmful products in the country, the Director General, Standards Organisation of Nigerian (SON), Dr. Joseph Odumodu has embarked on internal structuring of the organisation and factory inspection, three months after resumption of office.

He said, “I have decided to use my first three months in office study and understand the level of activities that we deliver on our mandate. Having achieved this, I began with factory inspection with MIKANO International Ltd to ensure that the workers are protected.

His visit to MIKANO, he noted, was part of the activities to ensure that good working atmosphere sways for the workers, adding that the company passed the first stage of the test, but will face his technical team to do the necessary technical examination.

Speaking on the local content, he said, “I can’t say for sure but i have been told that there are over 2000 Nigerian workers with MIKANO, which to me, is local content, i discovered also, that most of their products are imported, and with time, Nigerian, who work there, will begin to acquire the needed skills to develop theirs.

This is a gradual process, he stated. We have to start from somewhere. I saw a number of Nigerians as managers and the personal assistant to the chairman is also Nigerian,” Odumodu stated.

According to him, “these are the issues that are germane to the country. Indian nations started like this and today, they are manufacturers of products. Their products might not be as fashionable as the European and American’s made products, but they fare functional.” He said.

He explains, “In the place where i worked before, all the equipment in the factory was made in India and we got them for lesser prices than what we got from European and America market. So, SON’s visit to MIKANO is to ensure that the generators they import into the country pass the required standard for our country’s use.”

Having done this, he continued, “My people will come and do proper analysis to ensure that the noise, chemical emission and other things are in order. Our job is to protect consumers. If any company insists on doing the wrong thing, then we meet it force with force, but we encourage compliance.





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