• Self Excited brushless alternator
  • Insulation system class H
  • Ingress Protection IP23
  • Electric design in accordance with B55000 part 99, IEC 60034-1, NEMA MG-1.22


Internationally renowned for built-in quality and innovation, STAMFORD AC generators from NEWAGE AVK SEG set the industry standard, suitable for all ac generator set configurations, industrial, marine/offshore, commercial, construction, rental, combined heat and power applications can be supplied from the STAMFORD Range, STAMFORD brushless AC generators are available with a choice of SAE adaptors for easy coupling to a wide range of prime movers. There are also bespoke ranges designed for direct mounting engine ranges.


It serves as generator application systems for efficient power generation. With 10 production plants for generators and generator components on three continents and with switch-gear manufacture in Europe, the segment "Power Generation" accounts for a significant portion of total sales.


Electronic protection of control systems used for measuring transformers for optimum protection in power generation and distribution. Electronic protection and control systems are manufactured in three diverse geographical locations: Germany, India and Indonesia - first quality and competitive prices in the world market. This includes: inverters, automatic voltage regulators, gen-set control systems and current voltage transformers for low and medium voltage.


Innovators for high-quality power supply. This segment promises the greatest growth for the future: POWERCON optimizes voltage quality and secure supply in local grids, while CONCYCLE ensures constant voltage and frequency even with fluctuating generator speed creating the basis for the economic breakthrough of wind power.

Quality standards

Stamford AC Generators meet the standards of all major certificating bodies and are manufactured in an IS0 9001 environment.

Dynamically Balanced Rotors

All Rotors are balanced to a minimum of ISO 1940/1(BS 6861: Part), Grade 2.5 for minimum operating vibrations, two bearing AC generators are balanced with a half.

Permanent Magnet Excitation

Newage's permanent Magnet Generator control system gives rapid responses to widely varying electrical loads.

Easy Installation

Terminal boxes are supplied with removable panels for ease of wiring and gliding.

Winding Pitches

Winding Pitched are chosen for optimal performance.

AVR Controlled

Newage has over 25 years experience in producing the Stamford range of Automatic Voltage Regulators for the ultimate in reliability and control.


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