Automatic Mains Failure Panel.


This panel consists of Controllers which control the Generators and also provide the protections. The controller has display on it which displays all the parameters with a facility for setting the maximum and minimum limits. It also provided for over-current protection and also gives an alarm for service due for the Generators.

The AMF Panels are for single or dual or more Gensets based on the criticality of applications and the requirements.

The Basic AMF Panel consists of one contactor/Circuit Breaker for Mains and One Circuit Breaker for the Genset. (This is for One Genset & One NEPA)

The two contactors are mechanically and electrically interlocked so that only one is on at a time.

There are a few relays to detect the presence of NEPA, Presence of Gen, Signal output from the Panel to the Gen etc.

In case of Dual AMF there are two Generators and they are either put on priority by selector switch or by automatic 24 Hrs timer which schedules the two generators 12 Hrs each or as decided by the user. These Panels have 4 Contactors. One for each Genset, One for NEPA and one as a couplers between the Breakers.(Schematic diagrams for Single & Dual AMF is attached as annexure)

There are some customizations on the Basic AMF Panels:

Customised Specs 1: This Panel apart from the Normal specs of a AMF also includes two changeover switches and a 63A socket outlet for a mobile generator, Class II Surge Suppressor with 40A MCB, and an additional MCB for extra load.

Customised Specs 2: Wago connectors are provided with the Panel for plug and play connection at site with the Generators which also go with the Wago connectors.

Others Customisations: Some customers require Load distribution and specify their requirement. The Panel is then built as per specifications. In those cases the size of the Panels also increases. These are generally for higher capacity AMF Panels. i.e. beyond 60KVA.

Mikano Power Solutions Division also makes AMFs for 3 and 4 Generators depending on the customer’s needs.

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