Domestic Distribution Board with MCBs up to 250A.

These Distribution boards are normally used in offices, residence, where the distribution is required for lightly, ACs, fan and other small appliances working on one phase and three phases. All the outgoings are MCBS. These are made as Wall mounting type and also concealed type which can be embedded on the wall with the door flushed with the wall.

PHCN (NEPA) Boards.
These boards are specially designed for NEPA and Incorporates main MCCB, Class I & II Surge Suppressor, and provision for Tariff Meter. These boards make sure that the load is protected against the lightning surges &spikes. 

Feeder Pillars / Lighting Kiosks.
Feeder Pillars mainly consists of Phase & neutral bars, earth bar, incoming termination link, support insulator, clamp, disconnect link, Din type fuse bases and outgoing links. These are designed for outdoor use.

Main and Sub Distribution Boards
Main and sub DB consists of ACBS(Air Circuit Breaker)/MCCB(Molded Case Circuit Breaker) as incomers and ACB/MCCB/MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) as outgoings. The rating of ACBs starts from 800A and goes to as high as 6300A, 3 Pole and 4 Pole versions. The MCCBs are available up to 1600A, in 3 and 4 Pole versions. The MCBs are available from 0.5A to 63 A, from 1 to 4 Poles. The No of incoming and outgoing depend on the customer’s requirement. The complex ones have multiple incoming with bus-couplers between the two incomings.

Gear Switches.
Gear Switch is a simple switching device mainly MCCBs inside an enclosure, with ON-OFF Switching knobs. The smallest gear switch available is for 32A,

Manual Change Over Panels.
The Manuel changeover panel is a switch between the MANIS and the GENSET which is operated manually. When MAINS is not available someone has to put it on to the GENSET and the load. This panel completely monitored and operated manually.

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