Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I buy Mikano Diesel or Gas Power Generating Set?

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Where can I get parts for my Generator?

If you buy or own a Mikano Diesel or Gas generating set, you will be able to purchase any spare parts you require from any of our branches in your area. Our network of branches stocks a wide range of parts for our generating sets and shall provide you with the items you need.

What happens if I under load a generator?

  • High oil consumption.
  • Breakdown results in low compression, lack of power.
  • Spoiling of liners, rings, etc.

What are the standard components in MIkano generating set?

All generators are made up of a number of different parts. The following are the main standard components in all MIKANO generators:

  • Engine
  • Control Panel
  • Base Frame and (fuel tank up to 700 KVA)
  • Alternator
  • Air Cleaner
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Guards
  • Cooling Radiator

What happens if there is water in diesel?

Diesel should not contain any water, and if the diesel contains water various things may occur:

  • Failure in the fuel system, fuel injection pump, injectors
  • Lack of power
  • Excessive smoke etc.

How do I know what size of generator set to purchase for my premises (applications)?

There is no direct answer to this question. The size of generator set required will depend on a number of individual factors. To ensure that your generator is correctly sized, you should contact MIKANO engineers. They will make an appointment for on-site inspection, to identify the KVA or KW rating for all the equipment and appliances on your premises that would be required by the generator. MIKANO engineers will provide you for free, details of the exact size and type of generator that will be most suitable for your needs.

Can I connect a generator set into my house electrical system?

Generator can be wired into your home’s electrical system with a transfer switch (change over). However this need to be installed by qualified electricians. It is unsafe for you to attempt to connect such a system independently.

What should I Check before I start my generator?

  • A visual inspection should take a few minutes and can prevent costly repairs and accidents.
  • Drain water from water separator
  • Ensure that the areas around rotating parts are clear.
  • Check the level of the engine lubricant.
  • Check the level of the coolant.
  • Make sure that the air cleaner is clean
  • Make sure that no batteries cables are tighten.
  • Make sure that the CIB is on 0 position to avoid starting on load
  • Make sure that the emergency stop push button is released when fitted.



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