Robex 27z-9

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Engine Model Mitsubishi S3L2
Net Power 23.1HP (17.2kW) / 2,300rpm
Operating Weight (Canopy/cab) 2,880kg (6,350Ib) / 2,730kg (6,020Ib)
Bucket Range 0.08m3 (0.1yd3)
Swing Speed 9rpm
Travel Speed (Low/High) 2.4km/h(1.5mph) / 4.4km/h(2.7mph)
Max. Digging Depth 2,500mm (8\'2
Max. Digging Reach 4,650mm (15\'3
Tail Swing Radius 775mm (2\'7
Bucket Breakout Force (ISO) 20.1kN (4,520Ibf)
Bucket Breakout Force (SAE) 17.9kN (4,030Ibf)
Arm Crowd Force (ISO) 13.7kN (3,090Ibf)
Arm Crowd Force (SAE) 13.1kN (2,950Ibf)

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MKP 250P

MKP 250P




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